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Ad hoc Ph.D. courses

Some courses may be organized in conjunction with other PhD programs of the Polytechnic and Fundamental Sciences School of the Federico II University.

Course title Period Lecturer Description Venue/Organizer CREDITS

Virtualization technologies and their applications

06/04/2020 - 30/04/2020

Dr. Luigi De Simone, PhD (DIETI)




Management R&S

19/02/2020 - 08/04/2020

Experts form CNR, ENEA, UNINA, TECUP


Dipartimento di Medicina Veterinaria e Produzioni Animali - UNINA


Scientific Programming and Visualization with Python

(short course)


Prof. Alessio Botta (DIETI)


DiSt department -

Scuola Politecnica e delle Scienze di Base - UNINA

Matlab Fundamentals

20/02/2020 -


Prof. Agostino De Marco,
with: Dr. Stefano Marrone, Dr. Francesco Orefice


DIETI and Scuola Politecnica e delle Scienze di Base - UNINA  2.0
Safety Critical Systems for Railway Traffic Management

10/01/2020 -


Dr. Mario Barbareschi, PhD (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana)



Intelligenza Artificiale ed Etica: La ricerca in IA alla prova delle sfide etiche


Organizer: Dr. R. Prevete (DIETI)


DIETI Seminars room, via Claudio 21, Building 3, 1st floor



Ph.D. courses shared with MSc curricula 

List of courses offered to ITEE PhD students, provided they have not attended them in their past career. The list includes advanced courses shared with the 7 master degrees offered by the DIETI department (courses of student's own choice, typically in the last year of MSc curricula).

ITEE PhD students may attend courses from the non-exhaustive list below and claim the corresponding credits, typically in the first or second year of their PhD program.

Students interested in attending other courses offered in MSc programs of the Federico II University of Napoli (including in master degrees of UniNA departments different form DIETI), or in other Universities, need to inform the ITEE Coordinator before attending them and claiming corresponding credits.



ITEE students attending courses, shared with master degrees, in the second semester of the academic year 2019-2020, HAVE TO ENROLL into the course through the lecturer's web site on If registrations are not open, please inform the lecturer and ask to open them.

Code Course title Credits Lecturer SSD Semester
U0861  Machine Learning e Applicazioni - Modulo B 6 R. Prevete INF/01 II
15809 Mente e macchine 6 G. Tamburrini INF/01  I
U2758 Nanotechnologies for Electrical Engineering 6 C. Forestiere ING-IND/31 I
04247 Elaborazione Numerica dei Segnali 6 G. Scarpa ING-INF/03 II
U2265  Tecniche di elaborazione dei segnali per la bioingegneria 9 A. De Maio ING-INF/03 II
11497 Teoria dell’Informazione 6 M. Lops ING-INF/03 I
U1564 Radiolocalizzazione e Navigazione Satellitare 6 A. Aubry ING-INF/03 I
31687  Sistemi radar 9 A. De Maio ING-INF/03  I
U2246  Visione per Sistemi Robotici 9 A. Verdoliva ING-INF/03 II
U2325  Robotics Lab 6 V. Lippiello ING-INF/04 II
U1954  Identificazione e Controllo Ottimo 6 F. Garofalo ING-INF/04 II
U0907 Analisi e Prestazioni di Internet 6 A. Pescapè ING-INF/05 II
U0603  Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence 6 A. Picariello ING-INF/05 II
U2343 Cloud and datacenter networking 3 R. Canonico ING-INF/05 II
06649 Intelligenza artificiale 6 F. Amato ING-INF/05 II
U2256  Machine Learning e Big Data per la Salute 6 A. Picariello ING-INF/05 II
33774 Metodi formali 3 V. Vittorini ING-INF/05 II
28552 Protocolli per Reti Mobili 6 S. Avallone ING-INF/05 II
U0604 Secure Systems Design 6 V. Casola ING-INF/05 II
20807  Sistemi Distribuiti 6 S. Russo ING-INF/05 I
U2506  Software security per sistemi industriali 3 D. Cotroneo ING-INF/05 II
U2640 Data Management and Computer Networks - Modulo B 6 A. Botta ING-INF/05 II
U1592 - U1593 Biomedical Imaging and Computer Interface for Biological Systems 12 M. Cesarelli, P. Bifulco ING-INF/06 II
U2248 Strumentazione e Ingegneria Clinica 9 P. Bifulco ING-INF/06 II
U1881  Instrumentation and Measurements for Smart Industry   P. Arpaia ING-INF/07  



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