Yearly enrollment - Regional Tax - Retirement


Students have to enroll every academic year, paying a regional tax.

Enrollment to the second and third year is subject to admission by the ITEE Board, based on a written and oral detailed presentation of the student activities. 

The (public) oral presentation to the ITEE Board usually takes place in the ending month of the academic year (typically, in October, or in December for students whose program starts in January). Students are required to prepare a Year end Presentation (YEP) in ppt format. The presentations' session takes place in the DIETI department. Students in their period abroad will be allowed to present remotely.  

The written presentation consists in the yearly Training Research and Activities Report (TRAR) in word and pdf formats.

The YEP and TRAR templates are available here.

After students' year-end presentations, the ITEE Board will meet to decide admission to the subsequent year. The ITEE Board decision will be communicated by the ITEE Chairman or by the ITEE Student Office to students and to the UNINA PhD Office. After that, students need to enroll to the new academic year.


Instructions for first (year) enrollment and for paying the regional tax, and related forms, are available on the UNINA web page at:


Instructions for subsequent years enrollment, for paying the regional tax, or for retiring from the PhD program - with related forms - are available on the UNINA web page at: 


The retirement form needs to be sent to the UNINA PhD Office, with the ITEE Student Office in CC. 

The ITEE Student Office does not provide support for enrollment or for retiring, as these are managed centrally by the UNINA PhD Office.


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