17-18-20-25-26-31/01/2022    Ad hoc course -  Blended


Title:  Ultra High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging 


Lecturer: proff. Giuseppe Ruello - (DIETI), Rita Massa - Department of Physics Ettore Pancini, Riccardo Lattanzi - New York University, Department of Radiology, Christopher Collins - New York University, Department of Radiology, Arturo Brunetti - University of Napoli Federico II, Department of Advanced Biomedical Sciences (DSBA) 


Period:  17-18-20-25-26-31/01/2022


Hours: 13

Credits:  3


Info: Prof. GIUSEPPE RUELLO - tel. 081 7683512– Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Participants to the Module are requested to e-mail to prof. Giuseppe Ruello the following: Student name, name of the PhD course and cycle


Rooms: T3 and I3 are in Via Claudio (Biennio) // Room ES (ex-softel) is in Via Claudio Building 3 Floor 1

Team Code: 09992vu







** Award "Young Scientist best paper award**


Marco BODDI, enrolled in the 37th ITEE PhD Cycle at DIETI -
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology,
participated in the NATO SET-319/RSM SPECIALISTS’ MEETING on New Mathematics for Multi-Dimensional Radar Systems, EDINBURGH, GBR on 21-23 February 2023 and was the winner of the: "Young Scientist best paper award" by presenting the paper:
"Iterative Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for a Uniform Circular Array in the Presence of Mutual Coupling." Authors: M. Boddi, M. Rosamilia, A. Aubry, A. De Maio




** Award of the GOLD LEAF **


Gerardo Saggese 36th Cycle ITEE PhD student at DIETI - Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, in the last IEEE PRIME Conference received the "GOLD LEAF Certificate for the top 10% papers" for the article:

"Approximate Recursive Multipliers Using Carry Truncation and Error Compensation", by Italo Nunziata, Efstratios Zacharelos, Gerardo Saggese, Antonio M. G. Strollo and Ettore Napoli




*Winner of the ETIC 2022 Award*


Franca Rocco di Torrepadula, 37th Cycle ITEE PhD student at DIETI - Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology-   

On the following link on the Unina website the article




In Fortress Magazine, an article about the Women's Research Group on "Digital twin, Cybersecurity and Industry 4.0" of which ITEE Franca Rocco di Torrepadula and Alessandra Somma PhD Students are a part









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