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PhD Program in 
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE)


The PhD Thesis in Co-Tutorship is a way of conducting an individual PhD Program, which involves enrolling the candidate in two universities in two different countries and awarding a degree, typically recognized by both countries.

During the preparation of the thesis, the doctoral candidate is followed by two thesis supervisors or tutors, one for each university, and sojourns alternately in the two institutions (usually for equal periods); the thesis is defended in front of a joint committee of professors from both countries (at least two for each side).

The co-tutorship does not per se imply a joint diploma; the diploma may be single or double, but in any case it has to mention the existence of the co-tutorship.

For the Federico II University, the co-tutorship is ruled by Art. 14 of its Doctoral Regulation.  The student must already be enrolled in a PhD course.  The procedure requires an agreement for each individual PhD student, approved by the academic bodies and signed by the Rectors of the universities concerned. The named agreement may refer to a framework agreement between the countries where the partner universities are located. The Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI) has signed framework agreements with France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland.

The agreement must specify the institution where the doctoral candidate will pay academic fees (normally the one of the first registration), where the discussion of the thesis will take place, the language in which it will be written and the language in which it will be discussed.

There may be thesis in co-tutorship for students both incoming (enrolled in a PhD program abroad) or outgoing (enrolled at the Federico II University). Incoming students are enrolled at the Federico II University in supernumerary. The procedure requires prior approval by the PhD Board, after verification of the research project submitted by the PhD student and signed by both tutors.

The co-tutorship concerns normally PhD students enrolled in the 1st year.  The Ph.D. Board may authorize the activation of a thesis co-tutorship for PhD students enrolled in the 2nd year if there are particular scientific interests.

Further information and schemes of agreements can be found on the appropriate page of the University at the following link.


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